[K12OSN] the cat's meow -- thin client

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Sat May 20 16:11:02 UTC 2006

On 5/20/06, Barry R Cisna <cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us> wrote:
> Howdy All,
> Just thought I'd throw this out. Maybe most have seen/heard of
> these ?This rig looks like it would be the cat's meow for a school
> scenario. All three models are PoE compliant,This would be a God's send
> in itself, if you are like our school with "not enough power outlets" in
> each room.All would have to be done is have all PoE compliant
> switches,which can be had for about $310 for a 24 port with gig
> uplinks.Get rid of all of the power cord mumbo-jumbo/spaghetti.
> Think of it ,no knobs or edges or  buttons for the kids to tear off :)
> The only trick would be to see if the AMD Alchemy video would be able to
> work? I talked to a distributor for these and he told me they are now
> available in the states. They were having troubles with the voltages,on
> the prototypes brought here to the states, as these are manufactured in
> the Middle East. He told me that his company fitted these ,several
> hundred into a new corporate offices,and works very well. But they were
> RDP'ing to WTS server.
> they only require 5w of power which would be sweet as well. 0 noise &
> probably almost 0 heat output.
> It's worth taking a look at it, when you have time.
> http://www.chippc.com/products/jackpc/

Pretty cool. Too bad they are geared towards RDP and Windows. Also
don't forget you still need a power outlet for your monitor power
cord. Plus, I would guess most classrooms ethernet jacks are not close
enough to the workstation so that the keyboard, mouse and video cable
would reach the users. You would probably need extensions for all of
the above, creating a cable mess again. But they are nice in terms of
theft prevention.

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