[K12OSN] Freeswan VPN

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Mon May 22 22:40:07 UTC 2006

> http://www.freeswan.org/
> Anyone out there using this as a VPN solution to allow staff access to
> the local network from home?
> One of our staff members who normally does quite a bit of work during
> the summer will be having surgery and I've been asked to make it so that
> she can access the Student Management Server from home.
> This server is behind the firewall NAT'd and is a MAC running MacSchool
> from Chancery.

I'm using OpenVPN, which was suggested on FreeSWAN site - this is the
replacement with current development. The software is not obvious to set
up, but not very difficult, it works well and runs on Linux, Mac and

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