[K12OSN] tight vnc connection to ltsp client refused (111 error)

Jesse McDonnell jessemcdonnell at comcast.net
Mon May 22 22:55:51 UTC 2006

On Sun, 21 May 2006 20:45:06 -0700
"Robert Arkiletian" <robark at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 5/21/06, Jesse McDonnell <jessemcdonnell at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Robert,
> >
> > Tried Broadcast mode, had keyboard focus and it still wouldn't accept input even though there was a flashing curser in the login box. Closed the TeacherTool session and tried again, and yes, this time it worked.
> >
> > I tried to see if starting and restarting would work in the Control mode also, but now it wouldn't accept any keyboard input, period.  You'll remember that initially I had keyboard input in Control mode and it vanished after I open a terminal window. Seems like that was coincidence.
> Try reseting the broadcast-monitor-control feature. It's under file
> menu. Or just hit F9 (same thing).  See if that fixes things. Make
> sure you are running fl_TT as root.


Just tried resetting after I lose keyboard input and it closes and relaunches TeacherTool. The password dialog box comes up when I select Control and accepts keystrokes. This dialog box always accepts keyboard input 

I had keyboard input in Sylpheed (mail program) but then lost it after launching a terminal. Tried launching a terminal first and had input in the terminal, switched to Sylpheed, no input. Shutdown TeacherTool, killed off all instances of vnc (ps -ef | grep vnc) and on subsequent launches I had no keyboard input. 

It seems to be a random problem and I cannot see a pattern to when I have and when I don't have keyboard input. Do you think this may be an aberration peculiar to my setup? I don't need Control and Broadcast but I'm happy to do more tests if it will help make TeacherTool more robust. 

Thanks for your help so far.


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