[K12OSN] Mailing List Manager

Barry R Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Mon May 22 23:27:12 UTC 2006

Hello Nicholas,

I've just recently setup mailman, to be used next year at our school. It
is going to be used solely for the daily announcements that the 4
secretaries send out each day between the three school buildings. Now
that I look back I wish i would have had this going for this past school
year. It makes the daily mundane announcements very archivable,and cuts
down on all the staff's email "clutter". It is easy to setup if you just
follow the redhat install 1.2.3. guide that installs with mailman.This
way the staff/teachers can view the announcements at home as well,
without having to setup anything on their home pc. No having to tell
each teacher how to  configuring OE or Outlook 200 + times:).
Another thing you might want to consider, depending on what you are
intending on using your mail list manger is possibly Moodle. It is a
little more "hip" looking and has some added features and is very easy
to setup as well. It has a pretty cool message board built into it.
Moodle may be more than what you need though. I'm afraid it would be a
little too confusing for what we would be using it for at our school.We
have to keep things as basic as basic can be,otherwise the cast gets too
frustrated. Too many places to click on ,on it:)
Good luck.

Barry Cisna

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