[K12OSN] the cat's meow -- thin client

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msad3.org
Tue May 23 10:48:57 UTC 2006

I checked out their site and came across a windows CE vs Linux 
terminal... it was less than impressive. Neat concept, but the company 
doesn't seem to think much of LTS.

rmcdaniel at indata.us wrote:
> These are cool.  I sent an email telling them that they should configure
> the clients to use PXE or Etherboot in addition to RDP and Citrix. 
> Perhaps if several from this list sent emails, they might listen and
> modify them a little.
> Ronald R. McDaniel
> Conecuh County Schools
> (251) 578-7073 x26
> (251) 238-1890 cell
> 1*4238*104 SouthernLinc
> rmcdaniel at indata.us
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>> Date: Sat, May 20, 2006 8:36 am
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>> Howdy All,
>> Just thought I'd throw this out. Maybe most have seen/heard of
>> these ?This rig looks like it would be the cat's meow for a school
>> scenario. All three models are PoE compliant,This would be a God's send
>> in itself, if you are like our school with "not enough power outlets" in
>> each room.All would have to be done is have all PoE compliant
>> switches,which can be had for about $310 for a 24 port with gig
>> uplinks.Get rid of all of the power cord mumbo-jumbo/spaghetti.
>> Think of it ,no knobs or edges or  buttons for the kids to tear off :)
>> The only trick would be to see if the AMD Alchemy video would be able to
>> work? I talked to a distributor for these and he told me they are now
>> available in the states. They were having troubles with the voltages,on
>> the prototypes brought here to the states, as these are manufactured in
>> the Middle East. He told me that his company fitted these ,several
>> hundred into a new corporate offices,and works very well. But they were
>> RDP'ing to WTS server.
>> they only require 5w of power which would be sweet as well. 0 noise &
>> probably almost 0 heat output.
>> It's worth taking a look at it, when you have time.
>> http://www.chippc.com/products/jackpc/
>> Take Care,
>> Barry Cisna
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