[K12OSN] new LTSP 4.2 test packages with the VNC module built in

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Wed May 24 05:09:29 UTC 2006

The good news:

I finally figured out a way to get the vnc X11 extension module to build
consistently inside the LTSP build environment. I sent Jim the patch,
hopefully the LTSP guys will find it useful as well.

I added the patched ltsp_i386 packages to the 5.0 beta repositories,
you should be able to run "yum update" in about 20 minutes or so to
install the new package.

There are still two steps required before the fl_teachertool monitor/
control features work:

1) add the following line to /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.cfg

 	X4_MODULE_02 = vnc

2) make a password for the vnc-session. Run this command as root:

     # /usr/bin/vncpasswd

     Choose a password and copy the password file into the ltsp-tree

     # cp -R -p /root/.vnc /opt/ltsp/i386/root/

Now for the bad news....

I ported all of the FC5 patches to the xorg server and added them to
the new ltsp_i386 packages as well. Since the FC5 xorg server does not
crash when the keyboard preferences are changed, I was hoping this would
fix the LTSP xorg server as well. It does not :-(

This is still a show-stopping bug.


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