[K12OSN] tight vnc connection to ltsp client refused (111 error)

Dan Visentin visentind at hdsb.ca
Wed May 24 14:59:49 UTC 2006

Robert Arkiletian writes:

 I'm assuming you installed fl_TT with yum on k12ltsp 5.0. The two
packages from the 5.0 repo

No, we're running FC4, k12ltsp v 4.4.1 (i believe).
Perhaps this piece of information might help:
I ran Fl_TeacherTool from a personal directory (logged in as root) and found the following
log file... reflector.log

The error messages are the same and consist of:

24/05/06 09:38:47 + Starting VNC Reflector 1.2.4
24/05/06 09:38:47 - Switched to the background mode
24/05/06 09:38:47 * No client password file, assuming no authentication
24/05/06 09:38:47 * Host password not specified, assuming no auth
24/05/06 09:38:47 + Connecting to localhost, port 5901
24/05/06 09:38:47 ! Could not connect: Connection refused
24/05/06 09:38:47 + Terminating

So, maybe it can't find the password file?  

Dan Visentin
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M. M. Robinson H.S.
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