[K12OSN] FUSE question

Shawn Austin austinsr at uindy.edu
Thu May 25 15:13:48 UTC 2006

Thanks for the response Eric.

Here is a bit of background on what I was trying to accomplish.

The problem is that I am not running startx on any of the SCREEN_0* for 
these clients.  The only screen that is accessable is SCREEN_01 which is 
running the rdesktop screen script on the local machine.  The session is 
all running from the local machine and there is only the local root user 
running on the client.

The only place that I found any reference to the mounted drives was in 
the /tmp directory, but I cant seem to access that data on the drives, 
so I cannot map a local devices for rdesktop to share with the windows TS.

Thanks again,

Shawn Austin

Eric Harrison wrote:
> Shawn Austin wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I have been testing the newest beta of K12ltsp and have enjoyed the
>> addition of fuse to this, but I have hit a stumbling block with it.
>> I have successfully gotten fuse working through Gnome so far, but I was
>> hoping there would be a way to use it from shell screen on the station.
>> When I browse to the /tmp/drives directory, I can see the mount point,
>> but cannot access any of the content unless I do so from Gnome.
>> Has anyone tried doing anything like this and gotten it to work?
>> Thanks,
> The ltspfs mount point is the "Drives" directory in your home directory:
> 	cd ~/Drives/
> -Eric
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Shawn Austin

Client Services
University of Indianapolis

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