[K12OSN] How to block myspace.com

Olle Niit olle at paalalinn.com
Thu May 25 17:43:06 UTC 2006

Gentgeen wrote:

>Question though -- if the kid actually know that
>myspace.com=  wouldn't he/she be able to bypass the host
>file/DNS entry?
Example make file /root/denied
where you write in something like that:

route add -host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx reject

make this executable with chmod +x /root/denied

and edit file /etc/inittab and add this line:


Now nice little reboot to test it and...


it doesn't help when kid can use some freely available proxy server. But if you find out that proxi server address, you can blok it too.

I use this kind script in firewall to block www.runescape.com all 7 ip addresses or more...

Olle Niit

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