[K12OSN] Freeswan VPN

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu May 25 22:22:43 UTC 2006

Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Hello Luck,
> I am using Openswan as a vpn between our main campus to two other
> buildings in our newly formed school district as of this year. It is
> pretty easy to setup & like everything else in this biz, until you get
> it to actually work one time, you don't really no the seqeunce you
> should be seeing as far as making a sucssesful connection. In setting up
> openswan I did use a lot of the help documentation from the Freeswan
> website for making variuos connections.
> What you will want to do is make a "roadwarrior" connection available
> for this individual so they can access your school server from home.
> Once you get a sucssesful setup, thereafter it is a rock solid
> connection , I have found.
> Barry Cisna


Everything I've read on freeswan HAS thoroughly confused me =)
It appears from what I gleaned that there must be TWO endpoints and each 
endpoint must be running Linux. Maybe I'm missing something on the 
'roadwarrior' side...but with the examples I saw it was 'install linux 
on laptop and ipsec, make a keypair and some other jazz and voila'

Do you have links to the web resources you used to set it up by chance? 
I've scoured freeswan.net, which only added to my confusion.



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