[K12OSN] K12LTSP 4.2.3 EL??

Geof Duncan khsgdunc at gmail.com
Sat May 27 19:45:01 UTC 2006


I've been a reader of this list for a while, I've experimented some with
K12LTSP, but, not yet been brave enough to give it a real whirl yet. I've
gotten a brand new server that I'm hoping to put K12LTSP on for next year.
But before attempting, I figured I'd throw out a question.

I've noticed that the k12lsp site mentions that it is based on Fedora (I'm
assuming FC4, here). Judging from a recent post I'm seeing that there's a
version based on what I assume is probably White Box or CentOS. Maybe

Aside from the obvious name differences and kernel updates or so. What's the
difference between this version and the current one listed on k12ltsp.org?
Am I confused or just misinformed?

Geof C. Duncan, IC3,A+,CCNA,CCAI
Lead Technology Instructor/Contact
Knightdale High School

"Home of the Knights"
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