[K12OSN] user disk quota discrepency ?

Barry R Cisna cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us
Mon May 29 15:36:22 UTC 2006

Hello All,

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Andretti luck at Indy
 Can anyone here, give me some insight on why when I right click on a
users home folder and do properties, i get 54 mb's but when i do a
'quota -v username' the quota amount is almost 250 mb's? By simply
veiwing the amounts of this users files including hidden files the 54
mb's appears to be correct.I've read up as much as i know how to on disk
quotas and still am confused as to why there is this much difference.
I'm trying to get mail quotas setup on squirrelmail for our next school
year for everyone. I never tried implementing this ,this year but i
think it would be good to let people know via the "check_ quota" plugin
that can be added to squirrelmail. Also postfix,which we are using as
the pop server defaults to 50 mb's per user,which i think is sufficient
for a school scenario. But with the differences i need to "over
allocate" each users homefolder/mailbox by almost 200% , and then of
course ,everything shows up wonky in mailbox used, in the squirrelmail,
graph for being used, amount.? BTW: I've figured out it is nothing to do
with the check_quota plugin of SM.
Is there something to do with inodes/blocks,,blah,,blah,, that factors
into this? I'm clueless:)

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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