[K12OSN] RE: OT: /etc/hosts autoupdate (Paul VanGundy)

Matt Oquist moquist at majen.net
Wed May 31 17:50:45 UTC 2006

> 1. Can I have Bind be a secondary DNS and replicate from the primary DNS
> that is installed on the Active Directory server? 

Sure. In fact, you can ditch Windows DNS entirely and go with Bind
exclusively. O'Reilly's "DNS and BIND" has a great section that
explains exactly what's going on with AD & DNS, and how you can set up
Bind to do DNS for AD. It takes some messing around the first time you
do it (especially if you're learning about AD at the same time), but
I set up several schools a year ago with Bind (serving as primary and
secondary) and they've been working fine.

> 2. How will this effect my thin clients?

If DNS is properly configured, it shouldn't affect your thin clients
either way. Typically you just have all the thin clients in the hosts
file on the server, though.

> 3. What's the difference between BIND and BIND-CHROOT?

'chroot' is the command that CHanges ROOT to a specified directory.
Many services can be run in 'chroot' mode, and doing so provides added
insurance that they cannot be compromised and start messing about with
files elsewhere in your filesystem. For example, if you chroot your
bind service to /chroot, then it can't touch anything under /etc
because it can't even see it. For that bind process, the root
directory (/) is what *you* see as /chroot. Make sense?


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