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On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 19:25 -0600, John P. Conlon wrote:
> The thing is the window that gives the list of needed dependencies.  I
> did discover that I could copy and paste the information into a word
> processor.  I still think that it would be nice if that particular
> window had a print button on it because I generally have to print
> things of that nature out to work with them anyhow.
> Thanks
> Pat

I'm assuming you are either adding more software from an inserted CD or
on the command line doing an upgrade using yum. (Or maybe using the gui
for yum - yumex). From the gui with the inserted CD, there isn't much to
do other than run the mouse over the text, highlight it and then
middle-click to paste it into an open text editor (gedit is pretty basic
but functional - Applications->Accessories->Text Editor if you use

If you are upgrading with yum at the command line, you have some more
flexibility. yum deplist package1 [package2] ... > mydeplist.txt will
write the needed files for the listed packages to the new file
mydeplist.txt in the current directory.

If you are upgrading/installing a package with yum, it will grab the
needed dependencies for automatically. The only times I have seen is
fail in that is when the original packed is not packaged correctly or
the mirror I'm pulling from hasn't finished _it's_ update and the new
package is available yet. So I usually wait an hour or so and try again.

Sometimes, I have a conflict with something I built. I can exclude the
conflicting package with the --exclude=<conflicting package name> added
to the yum command.
> Les Mikesell wrote: 
> > On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 15:39, John P. Conlon wrote:
> >   
> > > Would somebody please add  PRINT and COPY/PASTE features to this thing
> > > so that we all don't have to depend on our being able to transcribe to
> > > paper and back to a browser page accurately.
> > >     
> > 
> > Which 'thing'?  Most places already permit that except in
> > the stages before the system is up to a point where you
> > could add features.
> > 
> >   
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