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Re: [K12OSN] Looking forward!

I'm still working on the "muekow" rough-draft version for FC6. It works right now, but there are too many manual steps that need to be automated (just grunt work, nothing difficult). I had hoped to have it done last weekend, so it should be ready sometime real-soon-now ;-)

As for K12LTSP 6.0, the "muekow" packages will not be production-ready. It will use the "classic" LTSP packages by default. The basic infrastructure for "muekow" is already in FC6, so early adopters will be able to test it out and we can polish up to make it the default in FC7.


David Trask wrote:
"Support list for open source software in schools." <k12osn redhat com>
Hey all,

I know this might be VERY premature, but is anyone looking forward to FC6
and the possibilities with K12LTSP? Just me wondering.........


Very much so!  Matt Oquist and I met with Warren Togami (of Redhat/Fedora)
at Linux World Boston this past year....he also joined us at both NELS
conferences.  I'm excited to say that the Fedora folks are working to
incorporate LTSP and essentially K12LTSP right into their distro using
MueKow.  I'm not sure how far along they are although I remember Warren
saying that FC6 will include the pieces that lay the groundwork for much
easier integration of LTSP and so forth.  We may not see anything wth FC6,
but with FC7 we might.  In any case...the entire Linux world is getting
pretty exciting....I can't wait to see what Ubuntu comes up with in the
next year or so.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcsvikings org

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