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Re: [K12OSN] Adobe Flash graphics-corruption in K12LTSP for web-based program

Jim Kathan wrote:
> I'm using K12LTSP; Our school is using a web-based student reading
> program (Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader) in Firefox. The
> requirements are Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia I guess?), & Adobe
> Acrobat Reader. Everything seems fine but when we go to a certain
> testing portion (STAR test, same website, same requirements) the
> graphical portion seems corrupted, as if graphics are missing.
> There's dialog boxes that I can clearly read in Windows, but in
> Fedora, the boxes don't look right and are missing words. Additional
> info: thin clients are using VIA video cards, 32megs of onboard ram
> (I specified that in lts.conf), running in 1024x768 75hz (also
> specified specific refresh rates for my monitor in lts.conf). 
> Monitors are flatscreens (Nu brand).
> Any help would be awesomely appreciated :)
> P.S. I already called the company hosting the website and the tech I
> talked to wasn't very helpful and said he didn't know much about
> Linux/Fedora. They basically said I am on my own :(

There was a fix for this posted recently.

This was in my queue of things-to-do, so I broke down and just did it ;-)

Run "yum update"  (or just "yum install ltsp_config" if you don't want
to pull down all of the updates)  and try it again...


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