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[K12OSN] NWEA + rdesktop issues again

It seems that rdesktop doesn't like me too much. Not sure what I ever did to it.

Anyways. I used the tip Dave T. gave me about using another screen so I could pump rdp sound through my terminals. I am connecting to Windows Terminal Server for the NWEA test and need sound for the kindees and first graders. It worked perfectly last time I tested it. However, now when I change to the screen 2 I get the gray screen with the X in the middle. It is like rdesktop won't load. It does in gnome and from the command line with the same options chosen. Here is a snippet of lts.conf.

    SCREEN_01          = startx
    SCREEN_02 = "rdesktop -r sound:local"

       # local storage device (USB keys, cdrom, etc)

    # uncomment the following line to enable SNMP support
    #SNMPD = Y
        # enable sound by default
        SOUND              = Y
        # choose either esd or nasd to be the default (esd only on x86_64)
    # rdp is used for sound for Windows Termianl Service Sound
    SOUND_DAEMON = "rdp"

Anyone know what might be causing this not to work?


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