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Re: [K12OSN] gnome-games crashing

Ray Garza wrote:
Interesting. Can you run this as root:

	# rpm -V gnome-games

ok, I ran it as root and it comes up with nothing (no messages of any

That means rpm thinks everything is perfect with the gnome-games package.

"rpm -V packagename" will check every file owned by that package and make sure that the file integrity, ownership, permissions, date stamps, etc all the same as when the package was installed. It will also make sure that all of the dependencies for that package have been met.

While "rpm -V package" verifies that a package's dependencies have been met, it does not verify the dependent packages themselves. (note: "rpm -Va" will verify all packages).

Try running these commands to verify all of gnome-games' dependencies:

rpm -V cairo glib2 gtk2 libart_lgpl libbonobo libbonoboui libglade2
rpm -V libgnomecanvas libgnomeui libICE librsvg2 libSM libxml2 pango

If that all checks out, the only other thing that comes to mind is if somehow your file system is mislabled and SELinux is causing you problems. Try running "setenforce 0" and try starting one of the games that are giving you problems. If that works, run "restorecon -R -v /" to relabel your file system.


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