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Re: [K12OSN] off topic - firefox history files

Hi Will,

I'm afraid I can't answer your immediate question, but you could
consider using a proxy service which logs where people have gone to.
While that doesn't solve the problem for "right now", it will solve
the problem for "tomorrow".

Infact, you're probably better off doing it this way, anyway, as you
can start doing things like blacklisting certain sites and marking
them with custom warning messages (such as "You got caught. Don't do
it again!"). Also, with regular reviews of where people are visiting,
you can either set up another proxy server to take the "recommended
website traffic" such as Google, encarta, your local administration
offices, etc. and a lower bandwidth link to take the non-approved
sites (such as hotmail, myspace, etc.) meaning that your high
bandwidth link is used for what your organisation is actually supposed
to be providing, and then whatever's left can go to the other sites.

Perhaps a regular review of what's going through the lower capacity
proxy will turn up some useful sites that can then be moved onto the
primary proxy?

And before you ask... I wouldn't have the first clue about how to
actually put that into practice!!



On 11/10/06, fhkms adelphia net <fhkms adelphia net> wrote:
Hi all,

In a routine audit of the students internet history (firefox on the latest k12ltsp), I found some questionable stuff.  Now the administration is asking me questions that I can's seem to answer, namely, the date the student viewed the stuff, and time of day.  When I open up the history sidebar, and search by date, it alphabatizes the history in the "search by date" mode, but doesn't tell me the date or time.  Is there an easy way to do this?  Thanks!


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