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[K12OSN] LTSP presentation to all Alberta Ed tech leaders conference

I have been asked to do a 1hr presentation about LTSP to the Alberta Technology Leaders for Education Conference. www.alte.ca I had done a similar presentation last year regionally and thus was recommended and now asked to do one for the all Alberta conference. So its neat to see other tech leaders take notice.

I will be bringing a small "server," a couple of old PC's and an old tray load iMac as a demonstration on how to use LTSP to "recycle" old workstations. In our school division there are hundreds of old iMacs that are now too slow, too old of an OS to be very useful anymore. But they continue to litter our computer labs. They make GREAT ltsp clients! So for about $110/workstation you can have a modern up2date, blazing fast computer lab again. You thought the $100 laptop was only for poor communities in India and Africa. We can accomplish the same value for your buck with LTSP.

I have already done 3 computer labs in my area of the school division. I am working on joining 2 more schools with fibre and then they both get their old iMac labs upgraded to LTSP from a single server.

Any presentation ideas & sucess stories & gotcha's are always welcome

Joe Guenther
LANtech - Didsbury Schools
Chinook's Edge School Div. #73

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