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Re: [K12OSN] gnome-games crashing

I could be crazy, but shouldn't it be possible to remove JUST mines,
nibbles, and tali?  The gnome-games package is just a metapackage, so
rpm -e ought to work.


On 10/11/06, Ray Garza <ray mission lib tx us> wrote:
On Tuesday 10 October 2006 23:09, Eric Harrison wrote:
> Try running these commands to verify all of gnome-games' dependencies:
> rpm -V cairo glib2 gtk2 libart_lgpl libbonobo libbonoboui libglade2
> rpm -V libgnomecanvas libgnomeui libICE librsvg2 libSM libxml2 pango
> If that all checks out, the only other thing that comes to mind is if
> somehow your file system is mislabled and SELinux is causing you
> problems.  Try running "setenforce 0" and try starting one of the games
> that are giving you problems. If that works, run "restorecon -R -v /" to
> relabel your file system.
Ok, I ran the two rpm commands listed above with no errors or messages being
returned. I then did the setenforce 0 and try one of the games (mines) but
still got the same error as listed in the previous posts.

Barring any soultion being found, is there a way to uninstall gnome-games
package and reinstall minus the three games?

Ray Garza
Coordinator of Computer Services
Speer Memorial Library
(956) 580-8757
ray mission lib tx us

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