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Re: [K12OSN] build your own thin client

If you aren't married to brand new, eBay has at any given time 60+ compaq ipaq computers that can be had for under $50 and sometimes package deals of 10 at a time - check out item # 130034615886. 10 for $275.

These little machines make wonderful thin clients, and they are cheap enough that you can keep several spair ones.

Just my $0.02 -


Quoting Todd O'Bryan <toddobryan mac com>:

My school may be in the market for thin clients soon. It would sure be
nice to get pretty, new ones, but we'd like to stay under $200.

I've looked around and it looks like you could put together a
motherboard, CPU, memory, case, and video card for about that amount,
but I must admit I'm in a little over my head, since I've never built a
PC from parts before.

Anyone have advice about how to put together an attractive, small client
for the least amount of money possible?


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