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Re: [K12OSN] _X11TransSocketINETConnect: Can't get address, for ws253.ltsp

Carl Keil wrote:

From: Jim McQuillan <jam mcquil com>


        It's complaining that it can't talk to the client. Possibly a
        problem with the $DISPLAY variable. So, lets see what your
        $DISPLAY is set to.

Near the top of your script, add this:

  echo "DISPLAY=$DISPLAY" >/tmp/display.out

Then, try running the script

        After it fails, take a look in /tmp/display.out, see what
DISPLAY was set to. That might provide a clue on how to proceed.
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the suggestions. Display.out says "DISPLAY=ws253.ltsp:0.0"
That looks perfectly normal.

I'm guessing you have a library mis-match problem.


Jim, aren't you one of the ltsp developers? (Or am I way off base) Regardless, it's an amazing resource to have you on this list. With this simple statement:

"I'm guessing you have a library mis-match problem."

You led me to the solution. (The original posting I found through google helped too. He said he developed his idea by bringing over libraries from a FC2 computer that had SimCity working. I had tried to use his set of libraries that he had thoughtfully bundled up for people following in his footsteps.)
Anyway, I tried a brute force attack on the problem.  I simply rsnyc'd over directories of libraries from my K12ltsp 4.2.2 server (where SimCity worked before) into that "loki_comat" directory on my new server. I had to try 4 different directories of the same libraries until I found ones that worked.  But it was indeed, obviously [to you], a library "mis-match problem".  Thank you so much for helping me with my trivialities.  If it means anything to you, you've helped make an 11 year old SimCity addict very happy.


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