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Re: [K12OSN] Wireless card for ltsp

Wireless clients don't really work:

-Wireless doesn't have the bandwidth to support more than a few clients and even then the performance is erratic.

-People usually want wireless laptops, but to talk to the wireless card in the PCMCIA slots, there needs to be a kernel present; but you don't have a kernel yet, so how do the system talk to the PCMCIA slots? It's a catch-22 stemming from the PC architecture.

-Desktop wireless can sort of be done, by using regular ethernet cards in the client wired to a WAP that connects to another WAP and then to the server. But you still have the bandwidth problems mentioned above, so this doesn't scale up very well.

Search the archives of this mailing list and the LTSP list. A kernel was made to work a few years ago that could be booted from a floppy for one or two cards, but it hasn't been maintained because of the problems booting over wireless, so you don't get any of the modern features like Local Device Access. In short, your time would be better spent looking for a different approach.


Nataraj S Narayan wrote:

Please suggest a Wireless NIC which will work with LTSP client. Is
Realtek OK?



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