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[K12OSN] How to use K12LTSP on a standard internal subnet with an MS DHCP server.

Actually, Windows DHCP server with K12LTSP on a regular internal network
works fine for us. Here are the settings we use on the Windows DHCP

In this example, is the K12LTSP server. This example also
works across multiple subnets or VLANS, that is, the clients can be on
an arbitrary subnet and still reach the K12LTSP server on another
subnet. Depending, of course, on whether your network people allow them
to talk to each other across subnets...This allows you to drop a K12LTSP
server onto an already established network and share it with Windows/Mac
PCs. A fully switched 100 Mb network with a Gigabit backbone is advised
if you want to do more than just demo it for a few clients.

Create a reservation for the mac address of each thin client.

Define the server and kernel path:
Option 017

Define the preferred boot server host name:
Option 066

Define the bootfile:
Option 067

The rest of the settings should be default for your network scope, and
should not need to be changed. For reference, ours look like this:
(The numbers have been changed to protect the guilty)

Option 003 Router

Option 051 Lease 

Option 006 DNS Servers,

Option 015 DNS Domain Name

Option 044 WINS/NBNS Servers,

Option 046 WINS/NBT Node Type

Have fun,

Sean Harbour
Senior Network Engineer
Northwest Regional ESD
sharbour nwresd k12 or us

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> Hi Guys,
> I am still working on this and I am glad that this thread happened. If I
> ever get it working in a really straight-forward way I'll send along my
> howto.
> John

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