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[K12OSN] Room Layout

Hello All!

I am trying to figure out how to best implement thin clients in a
classroom and not a lab. i have been searching the net for some floor
plans that others may be using, but cannot find much. i want to make
these permanent in the classroom, and try to minimize distraction from
an LCD panel on the desk, maybe under the desk with glass top? Currently
our desks are individual desks, some that the top flips open, some not.
I am also trying to figure out the bast way to get ethernet jacks and
power to the desks or cluster of desk. I have toyed with possibly
bunlding the ehternet and extension cords and rolling them out on the
floor, but i do not know if there would be interferance from the power
cords and plus it doesnt sound like a good permanent solution. What are
you guys doing?   


Daniel Kuecker

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