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[K12OSN] Retiring a K12LTSP server (back to just FC6 LAMP/Samba)

Hi Folks,

Those of you following my saga [crickets chirp here] know that I just installed a new K12LTSP server. I want to use my old one as a web server (a massive upgrade hardwarewise from what I'm running now). I was going to just reinstall the thing from scratch to get the latest/greatest everything, but time has become an issue, not to mention fatigue from configuring servers. I've been running the thing as a LAMP server on the side, so it's almost exactly what I need already. Can someone recommend a way to "convert" this thing back to straight FC? Can I "yum remove" certain things, disable certain repos and turn off a few services? I would like to, at that point, be able to run "yum upgrade" and get to pretty much stock FC6 without repo conflicts. It's at k12LTSP 4.2.2 right now.
Any thoughts?  [more crickets?]

Thanks a bunch, as usual.


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