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[K12OSN] Basic Questions

Hello all,

It has been great to have this forum as a source of reference for all things K12LTSP. Mostly been just listening for the last month or so. I am lucky enough to have Eric Harrison 15 miles from me, so he has been an invaluable asset. In about 6 hours of his time he has set up our network, installed the software, streamlined our two new Dell servers and made about 30 HP circa 1998 computer work as terminals, and shown one total newbie the basics of how to run K12LTSP. Just wanted to ask a few very trivial questions. (I am sure I will ask more over the course of the next year) 1. How do you allow permissions for specific programs per user. (we are using LDAP for authentication) For example: I would love to give every teacher the ability to use the FLK teacher tool, but obviously not students.

2. Is there a C compiler that comes stock with K12LTSP?

Derek Jaques
djaques corbett k12 or us
Corbett School District
Corbett, Oregon

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