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[K12OSN] Re: build your own thin client

In August we installed 96 NTAVO 6020P and we have had no failures in two
months. These are less than $200 and very compact. They do have a tiny
CPU fan. Except for that bit of noise/maintenance, I have had no

See http://www.ntavo.com/ntaterminal.php

I've done localUSBprinter/sound/USB drives/1280x1024 and they just work
with LTSP 4.2

The only things that are likely to be cheaper are multiseat X on regular
ATX boxes as thin clients and I have not been able to get that to work.
I made up boxes with AGP+5PCI video cards. I can do Xinerama which is
fun ;-), five logins with a single keyboard or five keyboards  with a
single screen but I have been unable to get five complete seats. I hope
to figure it out this weekend.

Robert Pogson

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> Subject: [K12OSN] build your own thin client
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> My school may be in the market for thin clients soon. It would sure be
> nice to get pretty, new ones, but we'd like to stay under $200. 

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