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Re: [K12OSN] Re: build your own thin client

Les Mikesell wrote:

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 11:40 -0600, Mike Oliveri wrote:

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*Huck's ears perk up at the mention of 'assortment' of monitoring

Cacti is rock'n...and BackupPC...heavenly...
any other tidbits of fun administrative software to share?

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 11:40 -0600, Mike Oliveri wrote:
If you have a lot of systems and services to monitor, check out Nagios:

Some of the stuff I need to display is home-grown and specialized
and I'd just like to replace the multi-headed windows boxes with
thin clients.  But, some is cacti and some is a program called
'spong' that I found many years ago.  It is still around at
http://spong.sourceforge.net/ but I'd probably use nagios or
zabbix for small-scale things that do notifications if I were
starting now.   However I need something that scales up and does
both snmp and other probes and does historical graphs along with
notifications.   I think that's going to be opennms although
it is more difficult than some of the others to install since it
needs the Sun jdk and tomcat as the web server installed first.

We're using ZABBIX and I love it. No where near as much work as setting up Nagios and it does all you're listing here: SNMP, custom probes, historical graphs, notifications. I recommend everyone to check it out (http://www.zabbix.com/). According to their website it scales pretty well too, they have tested ZABBIX with 5000 monitored devices and services.

Nils Breunese.

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