[K12OSN] Recommendations needed for the most server for $4k

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at mac.com
Mon Apr 16 03:20:58 UTC 2007

If you search the list archives, I'm pretty happy with the server I just
built and am almost positive I posted the specs. For about $2000, it was
4GB RAM and two dual-core Opterons.

2 caveats: quieter fans and get lots of RAM.

I used SATA drives which have been fine running 30 clients.

I also purchased from eWiz.com. They were actually a little cheaper than


On Sun, 2007-04-15 at 14:42 -0700, john wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've been given the go-ahead to spec a really robust server to serve
> 60+ thin clients. My budget is 4k and the ideal server would handle
> (without breaking a sweat) one lab of 18 clients, as well as 30+
> individual workstations scattered around the school.
> I have been looking at offerings from Dell and HP as well as building
> my own on NewEgg and TigerDirect but still haven't found a really
> roaring box. I've been concentrating on AMD Duel core, 16 Gig capable
> mobo's with high performance SATA drives (no backplane).
> Has anyone purchased the "perfect" server for LTSP recently? I'd
> really appreciate pointer in the right direction.
> Thanks, as always, for the sage advice!
> John
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