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xmechanic xmechanic at gilanet.com
Tue Apr 24 18:30:26 UTC 2007

Greetings Levi,

I wish I had seen this earlier before you went through all the headaches 
on that Proliant boat-anchor. We have a similar Proliant 3000 at our 
school that was 'donated' by some well-meaning service facility to 
replace our aging Gateway server. After 2 weeks of config issues, we 
finally managed to get MS Server 2003 to run on it (only in 256 colors 
though). It still won't recognize a simple CD-burner, and IDE 'extra 
storage' drives are out of the question. Definitely not a user-friendly 
machine, especially when it comes to changing out drives in their 
infamous integrated drive cage. Oh well, maybe in the near future it 
will suffice as good support for a welding job for the kids in metal 
shop, LOL! Glad you ended up with some equipment you can actually use. :-)

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

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> Re: [K12OSN] New installation on an old Server
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> "Support list for open source software in schools." <k12osn at redhat.com>
> Congrats Levi !!!
> Happy to hear that all your efforts panned out and in the end your 
> going to be moving to NEW equipment :-)
> I haven't worked on Compaq servers for quite awhile, but I do remember 
> that they were very quirky about how they had to configured... not to 
> mention old Compaq DOS...   {8-P
> Again, congratulations on your new toys !!!
> -ejb
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> Subject: RE: [K12OSN] New installation on an old Server
> Sorry, I got busy again. Nope, no USB support. I can boot from CD 
> though. It is ok, I got lucky last Friday and Yesterday. We had a 
> meeting at my little office and I had just got the parts in for my 
> personal PC which I had already loaded K12LTSP on before they got 
> here. Got to show them the speed of the clients, which I had one with 
> 256MB, and the other with 64MB to show there was no difference. Showed 
> them the Teacher app and how it was comparable to our current Vision 
> software. We also had a call with Ericom about using our older 
> software and came up with the solution to just use TS Client and 
> Rdesktop. We were going to be paying for Terminal Licenses with Ericom 
> or Citrix or any other “solution”. So basically I just have to come up 
> with the specs/cost of 2 new servers, one for the open lab and one for 
> the library. After all the work I put into fixing that other one up, 
> we are going to use it as a file server for Windows Updates ;-) . 
> Hopefully we won’t need that too much longer. Thanks for the help on 
> trying to get that Compaq working everyone.
> Levi
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