[K12OSN] Rdesktop Fails after Update

k12ltsp k12ltsp at hermon.net
Thu Apr 26 21:03:19 UTC 2007

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>For you, it's happening on the console as well?  Hmm...that *is*
>interesting.  What version of rdesktop are you running?  Could it be that
>yum update also updated rdesktop to 1.5, and 1.5 might itself be buggy? 
>A couple of other folks have pointed out that "downgrading" from rdesktop
>1.5 to 1.4.x seems to make the problem go away.  I do happen to be using

Hi! We are using rdesktop-1.4.1-3.2.1 on all 8 of our K12LTSP servers and
have the segmentation fault error. Also, upgrading by source code to 5
produces the same error for us anyway. We can use it on console however,
but not on terminal.

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