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Re: [K12OSN] gdm auto-login

With autologin, a specific ID *must* be tied to a given client machine. There are at least four documents on the wiki regarding autologin: Two under Technical, and two under Software. I think the ones under Software are the most recent. I just added this one a month or two ago:


It includes the very important patch to V5's gdm package which is needed to make autologin work. Which document did you look at?


Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

  Could someone give me a link to a good gdm auto-login howto for V5 K12LTSP.
I seen there is a howto on the k12ltsp wiki but I can not get that setup
to log a specific user into a  specific terminal.
Id like to have the:
 ws001 auto login johndoe
 ws002 auto login janedoe



Barry Cisna

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