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Re: [K12OSN] Zoomed Printing

As a followup, I've found that there are a few root problems. First, when playing with these printing settings, the printer dialogue box locks OFTEN, causing Firefox to crash.

Firefox ignores the bottom-margin, set in File->Page Setup. This should dictate how far from the edges that content is printed. It works for top, left and right.

When printing, clicking 'properties' for your printer can set the place where the headers/footers print.. I have no idea why this is controlled here and not in Firefox's File->Page Setup, but it does. These are set too low by default (.04), and should be at least .25.

So, I've changed the content I need printed (address, page number) to be printed at top, where Firefox respects the margin settings.

These settings are defined in prefs.js - How can I populate prefs.js to /etc/skel ? It resides normally in ~user/.mozilla/firefox/{PROFILE_NAME}, which is a Mozilla-generated field. Any ideas?


Michael Blinn wrote:
I'm having some trouble w/ printing in K12LTSP 5.0 x86_64.

When I change settings to print a selection in Firefox, the page comes out, but Firefox locks up, giving the cascading/mirrored windows effect.

When printing full areas or pages, the headers and footers that list the page numbers and address fall 95% outside of the printable area on my HP LaserJet 5P and 2100 printers, so I can only see the bottom 4-5px of the text.. just enough to know something should be there, almost like the page is zoomed at 101%. File->Page Setup shows 100% and this occurs whether 'Shrink to fit' is checked or not. I've changed the margins from .5" all around to .25" all around but this has no effect. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?

When printing a CUPS test page, it comes out perfectly, showing the 1/4" non-printable areas.

I'm not sure whether this behavior is limited to Firefox or not.. I don't know of another application that will let me print so close to the edge as Firefox. Any ideas? Avenues for testing?



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