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Re: [K12OSN] 3Com Nic's

I use 3Com NIC's on the standard UDP ports, and they work perfectly.  Can you give it a try on the standard ports on a test network?

Also, when you do LTSP DHCP, remember that you're actually making *two* DHCP requests, not one.  The first is done by the EtherBoot image; that's where you do your TFTP boot and get your kernel/initrd image.  The second is done by the GNU/Linux program "dhclient", and that's where you get all the /opt/ltsp/i386 stuff, initialize X11, etc.  It sounds like the first DHCP request is indeed working on UDP 1067 (else you wouldn't even get a kernel), but the second request might be trying to go to the standard port (UDP 67).  If that happens, and you get a DHCP address from the "other" DHCP server, then you don't get your "root-path" option.  If you don't get that, then you can't do your pivot_root, and you get a kernel panic.

That would be my first plan of attack for troubleshooting.

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Pete Horm wrote:
Hi Everyone,
I have a test K12LTSP with Fedora 6.  I have clients booting via etherboot on port 1067 using the rom-o-matic.  Some Nic's like Kingston 110, Kingston 120, Intel, Netgear work fine.  I have 3Com Nics that simply don't work.  some are 3c905tx, some are 3c905btx.  I have tried several rom-o-matic boot drivers but to no avail.  I keep getting Error!  dhcpd failed kernel panic.  I am using the same machine that works with the other NIC's.  Any suggestions?  Thanks very much.


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