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[K12OSN] smbldap usage questions

[K12OSN] smbldap usage questions
Rob Owens <rowens ptd net>
Sun, 1 Apr 2007 13:31:52 -0400
k12osn redhat com

k12osn redhat com

I've downloaded David Trask's how to and have read up on LDAP in
general.  I have a couple questions:

1)  Is there a document somewhere that explains to dummies like me:
exactly what will I have once I've completed all the steps in the

2)  It seems that there are no modifications necessary to the Windows
clients, is this correct?  I was under the impression that I'd need to
install pGina on all the Windows machines.
I've been using this setup for a couple of years now for my 700+ user environment. Everything on the Windows side pretty much works out of the box. Windows machines add to the domain natively and everything else "just works."
3)  Is this setup capable of informing my users that their password will
expire in x days?  And are there GUI tools to let my users easily change
their passwords, or will they need to use the command line?
I still use the User Manager For Domains app. from an old NT box to handle user management on the back end and the usual password changing options on the Windows desktops work the same as they would using a Windows PDC. i.e. CTRL+ALT+DEL and select "Change Password."
Thanks everybody.

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