[K12OSN] pushing icons out to desktops

Karen Bailey kbailey at mv.k12.nh.us
Tue Apr 3 11:34:07 UTC 2007

We are using samba, kerberos and winbind with k12ltsp 6.0 to authenticate
to a Windows 2003 active directory server.  When setting this up one of
the steps is to create a folder in the home directory with the name of the
domain.  The process works well for authentication but now I can't use the
push icons out to desktops script because it only puts the icons in the
home directory.  I have tried to edit the scripts path pointing to the
domain folder but I have been unsuccessful.  Has anyone had a problem like
this and if so how do you get around it?

Karen M. Bailey
Software Support Specialist
Merrimack Valley School District
kbailey at mv.k12.nh.us

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