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Re: [K12OSN] kinit: clock skew too great

Have you done your yum updates?  Have you also checked out that you're using the new timezone info?  I know, possibly stupid questions, but even on our network, I found a few stragglers last week. 

The following is pure conjecture.  If both servers are reading the same time, but they're using different timezone info, that might be an issue, since UNIX time is always with respect to UTC (same as GMT).  That is, the timezone info that you pointed to during your installation (e. g. EST5EDT) simply tweaks the *real* system date/time setting to display to you, the human.  However, the system itself is running on UTC.  I'm not sure if this is the problem, but that's what I'd check first.


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cisna-barry wc235 k12 il us wrote:
Hello All,

 As of Yesterday (time change) over the weekend, or what would have
normally been time change this time of year here, on our file server,
which is fc3/ k12ltsp we have lost our home drive whne doing a domina
login. when trying to rejoin this machine to our ADS domain(windows2003)
i am getting "clock skew too great" message error.
I have manually made sure  both hardware time and systems are identical on
the PDC and Fc3 file server.
Ive googled but havent found anyone else running into this?
i have had this happen a couple times before ,and as you would think the
system times had gone beyond the 5 minute difference threshold. Restting
the hardware clock always resolved and rejoined to domain no probs. Then
the H: drive( home folders drive) appeared again. This time i keep
kinit: clock skew too great while initially retreiving credentials."

Any ideas?

Barry Cisna

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