[K12OSN] small world! help needed for an LTSP lab in San Francisco

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at digitaltippingpoint.com
Wed Apr 4 06:04:53 UTC 2007

Wow, it really is a small world after all, isn't it.

In 2004, I came up to Oregon to film Paul Nelson and the Riverdale High
School for the Digital Tipping Point film.  As part of that process, I
learned about the power of LTSP labs.  I came back to San Francisco and
helped build an LTSP lab in a public middle school.  Now, here I am back at
Paul Nelson's door step asking for some tech support, except that I didn't
even plan it that way; a friend of mine who is helping me with this work
found this email list and suggested that I contact you for help.  As I was
signing up, I noticed Paul Nelson's email address as the owner of the list
and chuckled.

So, on to my problem.  We have an LTSP lab with 33 thin clients.  We are
looking for paid support.  We have some money to spend as a result of the
California anti-trust suit against Microsoft.  We would like to spend it on
LTSP support for the lab.  I am looking for tips.  If there are any
providers on this list, especially providers in San Francisco, I would love
to hear from you.

Coincidentally, Paul and Riverdale High School will be pretty prominent in
our film.  Our film is about the cultural implications of the global growth
of Free Open Source Software (FOSS).  This is not a film about computers.
It's a film about culture.  About how people talk to each other.

We have filmed many dignitaries such as Christian Ude (the Mayor of Munich),
Hermann-Josef Pelgrim (the Mayor of Schwaebisch Hall), Gilberto Gil (the
Culture Minister of Brazil), and Luiz Millan Vazquez de Miguel, (the
Extremaduran Minister of Science, Education).  The theme of our film is that
Free Open Source Software (FOSS) will help foster an explosion of literacy
and creativity globally. Our film is the first feature length documentary to
be built on-line out of fully forkable footage released under a Creative
Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license on the Internet Archive.

You can see our raw video here:


Our keyword search index page is located below.  It is the place to go to
find specific persons or themes for our footage.

http:// tinyurl .com/yluwoc <http://tinyurl.com/yluwoc>

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you can offer for our LTSP problem!

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping
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