[K12OSN] can't get sound on Dell GX1's using K12LTSP v 5

Jim Anderson netman1 at optonline.net
Fri Apr 6 21:26:43 UTC 2007

I'll be returning to my problem GX1s on Wednesday.  Thanks to all who've
responded.  It seems like some configuration of the CS4232 driver seems
to be indicated.

Anyone know why I received the "/dev/dsp folder not found" error
message?  There is no /dev/dsp directory off the main root, but there is
an /opt/ltsp/i386/dev/dsp folder.  The original CS4236 driver did seem
to be loading and gave a folder not found error while looking for dsp.

Jim Anderson
Cornerstone Residence
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On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 14:43 -0300, Timothy Legge wrote:
> > Keep in mind that the GX1's are ancient. The only issue with the CS4236
> > is that it sits on the ISA bus on the motherboard so the PCI scan done
> > by modern linux versions won't find the right settings.  If you supply
> > the module parameters it should still work.  There is probably some
> Yes, and that did work in older LTSP versions.  However, even though
> the sound server started and alsa seemed to recognize the card it just
> would not work.  I imagine given enough time and googling I would have
> found the answer but it comes down to time and money.  I had more
> money than time...
> > the module parameters it should still work.  There is probably some
> > pattern to the MAC address range on these boxes.  Is there a way to do a
> > setting in lts.conf that applies to a range instead of a specific address?
> I believe so, but you would need to read the LTSP docs...
> > And one great thing about Dell is that they make bios updates and other
> > downloads available forever.  The original GX1 bios had a problem with
> > PXE booting, but you can still get the update to fix it.
> That is true, and I was able to take advantage of that as well.  But
> one of the things that I dislike about the older (and maybe newer)
> dells is that the BIOS is mostly informational.  In order to access
> any of the deeper things I forget what they are at the moment) it
> requires a dos floppy and a floppy from Dell.
> That is fine, but finding the floppy that you made last time is an annoyance...
> Tim
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