[K12OSN] Qemu, VMwareserver with K12LTSP

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Mon Apr 9 00:40:05 UTC 2007

Hello All,

 Just wondering if anyone on the list is using either Qemu and or
VMWareserver on top of K12LTSP to run winders 2003 server? If so was
wondering how performance is in " the real world" of using it? Ive
installed Qemu and VMWareserver with XP guest and FC5 as host on a couple
of laptops and a couple workstations to test the waters. It seems
VMWareserver has a little better performance overall. But Qemu " just
works" so easy . I did install the kmod-kqemu accelerator too.Sound, usb,
etc works v ery decent. CDrom drives is another thing,though. The bootup
times are almost 2.5 mins. These machines were nothing to brag about
though. I was thinking of possibly doing this for " the real thing "
maybe next school year if someone gives the thumbs up on already having
used one of these. I'm sure you'd never get the performance as runnning
the OS on a real/seperate server. The upside is after you get your image
made ,just make a copy of it somewere on the server,and if say the
registry gets hosed,(remember this is winders),dump your running image
and copy your saved IMG into place and you are up and going again! The
images I wound up with all the MS goodies wound up being only around 1.5
Would you need ram sticks in the server, stacked up to the ceiling to make
this a viable option
Anyone have any thoughts?

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