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Re: Fwd: [K12OSN] eduduntu and samba/ldap PDC

Hi Randy,

No, you definitely don't want to rerun the smbldap-installer. You just
need to edit /etc/exports on your server and specify that the iBook's
IP address can mount /home, and you need to edit /etc/fstab on the
iBook and tell it to mount /home from the Samba/LDAP server.

The formats of these files are documented all over the Internet and in
man pages. :) ('man fstab' and 'man exports')

You'll probably need to install nfs-common and portmap on the iBook,
and maybe an NFS server on the Samba/LDAP system.


> I have edubuntu on an ibook and it is authenticating to my samba/ldap PDC
> (feora 5). I thought it was also mounting the home directory but it was
> only creating a local home. I think when I first setup my PDC and ran the
> installer script I answered no to the question about Linux needing to
> mount homes. Can I rerun the script or can I edit the smb.conf file to get
> these ibooks (edubuntu 6.10) to mount the home directory? If I can just
> edit some files which ones do I change?  My PDC is in production and I am
> leary of rerunning the script. Thoughts? Thanks.
> Randy Swift
> Network Administrator
> Leavitt Area High School
> Turner, Maine 04282
> (207)225-3533
> swift msad52 k12 me us
Open Source Software Engineering Consultant

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