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Re: [K12OSN] OT: thoughts on running vista through K12LTSP

I have been ordered to test a certain VPN client on Vista.  Here is my verdict:

Do not run Vista if you can possibly avoid it.  Stay the hell away.  Caleb's comments below are all correct, and here's another little tidbit.  In order to run it--just the OS, nothing more--you need 512MB.  To even *think* of running Microsoft Office on it, you need 1GB.  To do anything useful, you need 2GB.  One of our vendors just last night described to me how he needed 2GB to run their enterprise apps on Vista.


If you're going to give the "powers that be" a real Vista system, then do so...but Caleb's right, let 'em see what it's really like on a real, i. e. _non-fantasy_ system.  Give 'em MS Office and whatever else they want...but only in 512MB DRAM.  Why?  That's all XP needed to be functional, right?  Yes, indeed, let them see what it's *really* like.  When they complain, just tell 'em it was sold as "Vista ready."

I'm always amazed at these non-technical PHB's wanting to tell the techies how to do our jobs...when if we were to tell them how to teach, they would react as if we'd just committed an act of terrorism....

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Caleb Wagnon wrote:
If I may chime in here....get the "powers that be" one true vista system to play with and watch them recoil. My experience in these parts has been as people get new computers for home they bring them to me to blow away and stick XP on. They were begging for windows XP when it was the new thing. However with Vista my users say to me "We're not going to have to use Vista *here* are we?"

They hate all the "stupid security popups" and the "stupid circle cursor that won't go away" =)

Thanks Microsoft for becoming so out of touch with your consumers that you are inadvertently promoting alternative operating systems....

There's no way to rationally virtualize vista and get excellent performance. Certainly not in a terminal environment. 

Caleb Wagnon
Technology Coordinator
Fordyce Schools


<cisna-barry wc235 k12 il us> 4/11/2007 9:31 AM >>>

I was just trying to see if anyone had tried running Vista via any VM
software. I thought if it were possible to run on top of Linux, such as
replacing a fresh IMG for example if the primary IMG gets hosed might be
less maintenance,etc. As you stated I m afraid you couldnt get enough ram
sticks shoved inside the server to provide the amount of available ram to
run many concurrent connections for Vista. I m just curious more than
anything if this has been attempted in any school scenarios? The powers
that be, would like to have a few pcs ( 20-25),with Vista for next school
year,so was just pondering options.


Barry Cisna

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