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Rép. : [K12OSN] Science probes with thin clients

Can you get a list of the maque and model of these usb probes?

>>> "Todd O'Bryan" <toddobryan mac com> 2007-04-11 15:02:18 >>>
The chemistry lab down the hall was just renovated thanks to a generous
gift from some parents. Unfortunately, the money ran out before the
computers could be bought.

It's a perfect environment for thin clients, except that one of the big
things that the teacher needs is the ability to interface with various
kinds of probes and such. He tells me most of them use USB, but that
leaves open the question of drivers and whether you can get them working
on a thin client.

Does anybody use thin clients in science labs with probes and other
"science-y" equipment? Any success stories I could share?


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