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[K12OSN] PXE Files missing in Version 6

Just a follow-up from my March post concerning the missing PXE files. Dan Young tipped me off about NOT customizing the software packages during installation. Sure enough, if I went with the default package install without customizing anything, the PXE files are there and it works.

After I got it up and running, I was able to add/remove the software packages without a hitch. So a word to other newbies like me: go with the default setup and customize later!

Something like this should be pointed out or posted for others to clearly see. Unless of course, it's something all the old pros know about. It is VERY frustrating to us newbies who are expressing an interest in K12LTSP. If we're going to change the way things are being done now, then implementing a new technology needs to be as painless as possible.

I'll get off my stump now. Thank you to all those who responded to my post.

Ronnie Miller
Technology Specialist
Seminole County Schools
800 Woolfork Avenue Donalsonville, GA 39845
Phone: (229) 524-5235 Ext. 227
Fax: (229) 524-2212

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