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Re: [K12OSN] DNS instead of /etc/hosts

Rob Owens wrote:
Yes, I am talking about the names for the thin clients.  But my dhcp
server will also be handing out names to windows clients, and some of
those windows clients will need to be accessible by hostname (for
sharing printers and so forth).  The default setup will have all those
machines being known as "ws001", etc. by the LTSP server.  I expect this
will cause trouble, but maybe I'm wrong.

There is a mechanism for DHCP assigned clients to register their own hostnames into DNS but I've never trusted it and think that if a machine is going to be providing services it should have a static IP and a fixed address in DNS. You can do this without hand-configuring the machines if you make the DNS entries tie the names to addresses, then use host entries in your dhcpd.conf file with:

host somename {
  hardware ethernet 00:30:c1:01:ce:1d;
  fixed-address somename_from_dns;
  ... any other options;

That way they will always get the name you associated with the address and you only have to keep track of IP address changes in the DNS zone file.

  Les Mikesell
   les futuresource com

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