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Re: [K12OSN] pxe?

I suspect that your thin client already has a PXE Boot Agent onboard.  To enable it, simply go into your system BIOS and change the Boot Order (sometimes called Boot Priority)  so that MBA or UNDI or Network Boot is listed as the first device.
PXE is client/server implementation.  So to facilitate a successful PXE network boot requires the presence of a PXE server.
For a detailed explanation of PXE, visit http://www.pxe.ca

On 4/16/07, Jordy Minnebo <minnebo jordy gmail com> wrote:

Iv'e got a HP t5500 Thin client, how can I boot this client?

Ethernet NIC   10/100 Base T Fast Ethernet NIC

But how can I boot it? I Don't have a floppy
can anybody explain how PXE works?

Best Regards

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Conrad Lawes
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