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Re: [K12OSN] OT: need help configuring web server on Ubuntu Server to allow file uploads

I'm definitely interested in trying the webdav method.  Perhaps I'll
have time to try that this weekend.

Though the current method of using a cron job for fixing permissions
is working, it feels too much like a hack for my taste.  Besides, I've
wanted to try setting up webdav for a long while, and now I've got a
good reason to. :)

David Whitmer

On 4/25/07, Daniel Bodanske <daengbo gmail com> wrote:
I still say that webdav is the easiest solution.

Look here:
Easy: http://bliki.rimuhosting.com/space/knowledgebase/linux/webserver/apache/webdav
More complicated:

Enable WebDAV on the Client

Then just connect with a webdav client and input the password. All
permissions are automatically correct. Certainly more elegant that a
cron job, though I've used those before, as well.


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