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Re: [K12OSN] What's the differences when you run smbldap pdc and smbldap bdc

I might be speak'n outta my ___ here...but I believe in your swap process you can create the samba box as a PDC and then change it to a BDC simply by editing the /etc/samba/smb.conf file after you are ready to have both a PDC and a BDC on the network..

that's the samba book from o'reilly online(free) specifically the section on PDC and BDC's...just scroll down a bit


Brian Chivers wrote:
As you will have seen from my previous post I'm doing some planning for some server swaps. One of the major ones is replacing our main Samba / Ldap PDC and splitting off the ldap server to a separate box.

Currently the PDC acts as the master ldap server and replicates this to the other servers & the samba servers on these boxs authenticate against themselves in effect acting as standalone servers and when you run testparm on these box's they report back as "Standalone"

When we swap things around I'd like to implement BDC's and looking at the doc's for Matt's brilliant installer you just have to run ./smbldap pdc on the pdc to set this up but here's the problem, I need to implement the bdc's before I rebuild the PDC as the box's involved can be swapped out a lot easier then the pdc.

I can setup the replication from the master to slave LDAP's ok but wondered what else needs to be done on the to setup the BDC's by hand. I did think about simply running ./smbldap bdc on the bdc's but I'm not sure if this would work as it would know about the relevent values or will the brilliant script ask this :-)

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